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Philly Police Confront Concealed Carry Permit Holder

If you haven’t heard about this highly debated issue yet, then here is the article on the site. Below I am also embedding the youtube video which is the actual audio recording of the confrontation.

My opinions are mixed. I do believe that the police were way out of line. I think that the language and the style of their approach was awful. I am the first to acknowledge that local law enforcement tends to be no expert on the law, but you would think that at very least they would know a little bit about the concealed carry and open carry laws of their state. I don’t think there is any excuse for law enforcement to be so ignorant in regards to the legal rights of citizens to carry weapons in public.

All that having been said I’m not super happy with the ccw holder either. I don’t think that he “set up” the police as he is being accused of. It would seem that he was doing something that he does on a daily basis and wasn’t out to get anyone that day. However, I also think that the attitude floating around the gun community that our own people in law enforcement and in the court rooms are our enemies is at the true root of this issue. He may not have set up the police but he sure didn’t care very much about their own perspectives or comfort as keepers of the peace. He didn’t follow instructions and he wasn’t peaceful. He cared far more about a political agenda than he did about the peace that he claims he is trying to keep.  I’m all for gun handling (obviously) and all for public education and awareness but I think he handled it poorly.

I am glad that he is fighting his charges in court as I think that they were also out of line but… at the end of the day… what does my opinion count for?

Jacob S Paulsen

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