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Does Colorado Require Live Range Fire to Get A CCW Permit?

Some states require Concealed Carry applicants to prove their handgun competency by firing the handgun as a prerequisite to applying. In Nevada applicants not only have to fire in their ccw class, but they are only permitted to carry the gun they fired during the class.

colorado live fireBeing a big proponent of firearm education, I feel that it is a good idea for citizens to acquire as much training as they can as part of their journey to being a safe and capable concealed carrier but if the state should or shouldn’t require training is a topic for a different day.

Colorado is included in the number of states that do not require live fire. Colorado goes only as far as to require that citizens take a firearm safety course within 10 years of applying for the permit. That class not only doesn’t have to include live fire, but the state doesn’t have any required curriculum at all.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a class in Colorado that includes live fire. If you are a handgun amateur and would like a little extra training as part of your concealed carry class you may consider seeking out an instructor who includes live fire in their curriculum. You will pay more for it.

Regardless of what you decide, remember that your handgun is only as effective as you are trained and practiced with it. Seek out ongoing training and practice opportunities as often as time and finances allow for it. If you feel uncomfortable or incompetent on the range, seek out professional help!

Jacob Paulsen

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