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Should Concealed Carry Weapons Remain Concealed?

A recent legal debate in San Fransisco has made me reflect upon both concealed carry rights and concealed carry wisdom. In 2007 San Fransisco passed a new law requiring that handguns in a residence be locked in a container or disabled with a trigger lock. The NRA has filed suit claiming that the law is unconstitutional and is jeopardizing people’s ability to defend themselves.

My first thought when reading the argument was “So whats wrong with that?” I tend to think that firearms should be locked up or disabled when not in use. I suppose that for certain people, based on their own family circumstances or line of work; it might be necessary or important to have direct access to a firearm “on the bedside table” but those people must be far and few inbetween. Then it hit me that this law would go so far as to make it illegal to carry concealed in your own home. Sounds like something that would exist in California.

Here in Colorado all citizens are protected within the confines of their own dwelling to carry and store their firearm in any way they see fit. No city in Colorado could pass such a law as it would overstep the state statutes that protect us.

The NRA’s agenda is not to argue what is smart and what is stupid. Their intent is to show that the law is illegal based on the constitution and existing federal court precedent. In a society where our rights are the very thing that make us American I understand and support the NRA’s effort to keep cities, counties, and states within their legal limits but I hope that my own CCW students will attempt to keep their firearms locked up or disabled within the home when they aren’t being carried concealed.

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