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Adams County Deputies Shoot, Kill Man They Say Reached For Pellet Gun

Reading the DenverPost this morning I saw this story which of course peaked my interest.

There is some debate going on no doubt about how justified the law enforecement officers were in their decision to open fire on this man during the traffic stop. Their account says that the man reached for a weapon in the back seat. The other witness and family members say he didn’t. I’m not here to debate this.

The point I would like to make is that Law Enforcement can be expected to act concerned and extra cautious when they discover there is a firearm in your car. If you are armed you need to take extra care in the way you deal with the law enforcement officer who is confronting you. Here is my advice that I share with students who take my class.

  1. Never reach for the weapon or anything near the weapon.
  2. Keep your hands visible at all times.
  3. Advise the officer that you are a permit holder and that you are (or are not) armed.
  4. Advise the officer of the location of your firearm(s).
  5. Follow all instructions given.

Peace officers are not bad guys but they are used to dealing with bad guys all the time. They have every right to do whatever they may feel is necessary to feel comfortable when they find out you are armed. I’ve always had positive experiences with law enforecement and I intend to keep it that way. Act smart and go the extra mile to make the officer comfortable!

Jacob Paulsen

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