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Aurora Men Take Parking Spot at Gun Point

In my class I always talk about the importance of removing firearms from emotionally charged situations. That sounds a little difficult because most of us just don’t know when we might find ourselves in one of those situations. Perhaps the better advice would be to just tell my students that if you are at all concerned about your ability to make quality decisions when in an emotionally charged situation you should get some help or just never have access to a gun.

This week I ran across this headline in the Denver Post: Aurora men take Denver Diner parking spot with pistols drawn, then go inside, police say

It really got me thinking. Generally getting a good parking spot isn’t an emotionally charged situation but clearly something else was going on in the lives of these men. I don’t know what had happened or why they were so charged up, but it did cause me to reflect. Sometimes as careful as we are to avoid dangerous situations, they just find us. Oh, and also I learned that you shouldn’t hold parking spots for people. It might get you shot.

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