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CU to SEGREGATE Dorms for Students with CCW Permit

CU Firearm Permit RestrictionsPerhaps Colorado University has given up their ongoing battle to restrict firearms on campus but they are clearly looking for other opportunities to achieve their vision and goal to the greatest extent they can. According to today’s Denver Post article, the University now intends to create segregated dorms. Students who posses a concealed weapon permit will be made to live in unique and specific housing with other permit holders. Other residential areas will be restricted to concealed weapons.

This new policy will be applied at both the Boulder and Colorado Springs locations. It will be up to a citizen to press the issue in court to see if it really holds up or not.

This is a new twist. Not sure how I would handle this if I wanted to attend school there. On one hand, you could assume that the housing dedicated to permit holders is less likely to be a target for crime. However, as we teach our students, CCW permit holders should go to reasonable lengths to keep their possession of a handgun and a permit a secret.

Your thoughts?

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