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Colorado Firearm, Knife, and Weapon Law Book For Sale

In an effort to provide the best resources and information available, we are now offering copies of Todd Bergin’s book, “Colorado Firearm, Knife, and Weapon Law Compendium” on our website and at our classes.  The book, which retails for $20, is a compilation of laws, terms, and court precedents that impact today’s Colorado resident gun owner.

If you want to cement the ideas discussed in your most recent firearm training course, purchase and read this book. Often called “The Colorado Gun Law Book,” this book also contains  a great glossary of legal terms that are easy to reference and understand.

This book is not just a reference for Concealed Carry Permit holders. It discussed the law in Colorado as it refers to the purchase of firearms, juveniles and firearms, knives, prohibitions, open carry, controlled places, travel, and much more.

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