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Arguments Against An Assault Rifle or Assault Weapon Ban

assault riflesRight now there is a big debate going on in regards to passing some sort of ban on Assault Rifles or Weapons. In Colorado there is already new legislation drafted to ban Assault Weapons and it is expected to leave committee in 2013. There are good arguments on both sides of the issue. Below I’m going to try to summarize the main points I see on the gun advocate side of the debate going on.

  1. Weapon technology is evolving. Originally, can you imagine the panic that must have struck America when semi-automatic handguns were first developed. How about shotguns? Creating a ban on Assault Rifles or Weapons because they are currently the high power style weapon of choice by law enforcement and military is a dangerous road.
  2. The same old good guys vs bad guys debate. In regards to any attempt to add new regulation as it applies to the ownership or safe use of firearms, the most common debate is that criminals don’t care about the laws we pass. Legislation has the tendency to restrict law abiding citizens. Certainly it may prevent some acts of violence from happening but generally it just acts to take away freedoms from those of us who care about following the law.
  3. It will lead to other bans. A common concern right now is that this ban could be the first of several. It is the “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” debate. If we back down on the assault rifles/weapons then where will it lead us? Will we start a battle on semi-automatic handguns and tactical shotguns.
  4. Are Assault weapons really the culprit? Assault rifles are used in fewer than 1 percent of all violent crimes in the U.S., according to studies based on Justice Department data. While they are more likely to be involved in mass shootings like Virginia Tech and Aurora, by and large they kill relatively few people each year.

These tend to be the most frequent arguments I hear. What are your thoughts?

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2 Responses to Arguments Against An Assault Rifle or Assault Weapon Ban

  1. Eric December 20, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    Good morning Jacob,
    First and foremost I want to thank you for your class, very informative and educational. Thank you for opening up your house to all of us.

    During the class you covered parts of the statutes that brought up several questions. I asked you about being able to claim rental property as residence even if it’s in another county. You said “no” that you definitely can not.
    Am I reading the statute wrong?
    18-12-205 Sheriff-application-procedure-background check 2(a), states in which the “applicant maintains a secondary residence or owns or leases real property used by the applicant in a business”.
    Your thoughts?
    Much appreciated!

    • admin December 20, 2012 at 9:41 am #


      Great question. I’ve been told by county and state officials (department of public safety) that this is interpreted to mean that you operate a business in the county and not that you own property for business purposes. Ultimately the decision maker is the county so it would be worth contacting the county in which you own the property. Let them know you own property there for the purpose of business but that you do not reside. Ask if you can apply for your permit there. Whatever they say is the ultimate deciding factor. This is where the “Sheriff discretion” comes into play.


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