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Quick Recap of the Anti-Gun Bills Being Debated

I am using the info distributed to me by RMGO and providing it as a summary below for our site subscribers:

  • HB-1224: Bans all magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.
  • HB-1226: Bans armed self-defense on college campuses; expanding criminal safe-zones to all state college and university campuses.
  • HB-1228: Imposes a Jim Crow-style gun tax on all purchases. This legislation has no limit on the amount the CBI could charge for a background check.
  • HB-1229: Bans the private sale of firearms and institutes universal background checks / gun registration for all Colorado gun owners.

Here’s what you can do to help out:

  1. Please contact your State Representative TODAY, and politely remind them that gun owners are watching how they vote. Urge them to vote “NO” on HB-1224, HB-1226, HB-1228 and HB-1229 (click here: to find out who your State Representative is).
  2. Come to the Capitol TOMORROW (Friday, February 15th) and hold your legislator accountable. Your presence in the House gallery will out them on notice that their constituents DO NOT support more gun control. The House session starts at 9:00 AM. Be there by 8:15 AM to ensure you have a seat.

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