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New Gun Bills Signed Into Law

Safe Storage of FirearmsToday is the day many of us have feared. Gov. Hickenlooper has just signed three of the prominent gun bills that have been debated over the last several months. These three bills will both go into effect on July 1st of this year.

The first of these bills makes it illegal to purchase or acquire magazines with a capacity higher than 15. There is a grandfather clause that allows you to keep what you already own as of July 1st.

The second of these bills requires that private buyers and sellers of firearms make the purchase via an authorized FFL so that a standard background check can be performed.

The third of these bills enacts a background check fee to be charged by the State of Colorado anytime a background check is run.

No doubt some of the most common questions about these new laws and the execution of them will be addressed during the upcoming months.

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