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Why I Don’t Attend Public Gun Ranges

Call it paranoia but I haven’t been to a public gun range in several years. The more time I spend around firearms the more I develop a healthy fear of firearms and the idea of being at a range with 10-20 other people off the streets that I don’t know and can’t control is a little scary. Have you ever looked up at the ceiling in the gun range? Where do those holes come from?

ammunitionWhat are your alternatives? I think the best option is to seek out a private gun club in your area. Private gun clubs are great because they create a far safer environment. Most private gun clubs require members to pass a safety training and they tend to also require members of the club to be NRA members. So, I tend to assume that anyone who is willing to be a NRA member, take a safety course, and pay a relatively high annual fee; must be very serious about firearm training. Private clubs often give members 24/7 access and they usually foster internal competitive shooting groups and classes that can be super beneficial.

If you can’t find a private gun club you may just want to head into the hills. As a general rule of thumb you can generally shoot anywhere outdoors, outside of city limits, on public land, where you won’t disturb others. Its always best to call the local law enforcement department to confirm before you head out.

Where do you prefer to shoot?

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