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Gear Review: StealthGearUSA Concealed Holsters

FNX_45_tac_3_largeRecently I learned of a new concealed carry holster manufacturer named It seems right now that there are a lot of new companies coming into the market with various new concealed carry holster designs. StealthGearUSA has come to the marketplace with a patent pending design that makes it easier for moisture to pass through the material for better breathing.

The new holster design is more comfortable that some of the traditional materials, especially in hotter weather. It comes with the right size allen wrench so that you can adjust the exact mounting and angle of the holster. The material is thin despite having a comfortable padded back.

The belt clips pivot so that you can make easy adjustments as you go. I think the construction is of very  high quality and the company takes pride in their work and their brand. I always appreciate a holster that is custom made for a single make and model instead of fitting many different firearms. That is a sign of quality design.

I hope you will check out StealthGearUSA.

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