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What About the Other People With the Guns

Public Gun RangeIn my classes I tell the story like this: Do you remember when you were a teenager and you were trying to convince your parents to let you take the car? For each of their objections you had a great answer. You would take the back roads, wear seat-belts, not let your friends drive, call when you got there, and be home before curfew. If your parents really didn’t want you to take the car they would pull out their ace card and say, “Son/Daughter, its not you we are worried about, its the other drivers on the road.” That is when you knew you were done.

Even if you are completely and consciously thinking about all the safety rules and being careful, how often do you consider all the other people surrounding you with guns? The random people at the gun range, your friends, and even some family members? How carefully do you select the people you surround yourself with when guns are involved?

Is Today The Day You Stop Going to Public Gun Ranges?

Stop surrounding yourself with people who you don’t know who have guns. Public gun ranges don’t screen their patrons in any way and they have a tendency to squeeze a lot of people into a tight space. Next time you are standing on the firing line stop and look up at the ceiling and ask yourself how all those holes got there.

Be the Person In Your Group of Friends That Brings Up The Topic of Gun Safety

You have a group of friends or family that you go shooting with on a regular basis correct? Have any of you ever brought up the topic of gun safety? Be that guy/gal who becomes a stickler for safety and asks everyone to keep everyone in line. Own the best safety gear (like ear-wear and eye-wear) and have spares for the person who forgets.

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