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The County Won’t Notify Your When Your Permit Is Expiring

I’ve gotten some mixed responses from counties that I’ve asked the question, “Do you notify people when their CCW permit is set to expire?” Some counties have openly told me, “No.” Either way the experience of my students has been that you will NOT be notified. The potential consequence of forgetting to renew your concealed carry permit isn’t dire but it is a problem. In addition to the greater cost of the initial application vs the renewal you also are likely to go a period of time without a valid permit and that could lead to more serious legal consequences if you are carrying a concealed firearm without.

In Colorado you can renew as early as 120 days prior to your expiration date. I encourage all of our students to start the renewal process as early as you can. In addition to limiting your chances of being without a permit during that renewal process, it can also save you hassle and cost by renewing early. This is because the class certification you present at the point of application and renewal is only valid for 10 years. This means most people will be able to use that certificate for the initial application and the first renewal. If you are fast enough on getting the application in and in getting in early for the renewal you could use that certificate for 2 renewals.

We also encourage our students to join the United States Concealed Carry Association. Among the many benefits, the USCCA will notify you before your permit(s) expire. That notification service is a very nice benefit to membership. For those of you who are already members, login and click on “Members” and then on “CCW Permit Reminders.” It looks like this:

ccw permit renewal notifications

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