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The Importance of Physical Fitness in Firearm Related Self Defense

I was trolling YouTube yesterday for good firearm training drills and I was taken back by the number of “experts” in the videos who suffer from obesity. I hate to generalize or judge but I couldn’t help but consider for a moment the role of physical fitness in this world of self defense.

firearm physical healthLife is a constant push and pull challenge between work, family, health, passion, and the endless list of other things that are probably important for us to consider. As much as any of us try to have and do it all we always fail somewhere but physical health and fitness are primary for anyone considering preparedness and self defense.

Physical strength and Aerobic health WILL help you stand your ground if you feel it is appropriate. They WILL help you retreat if and where it is possible and appropriate. They WILL help you withstand the chemical and physiological response associated with fear of your life. They WILL help you recover from injuries (like gun shots) should you incur any.

On occasion I’ve heard comments that would suggest that owning a firearm and being competent in it’s use somehow justifies a lack of physical health. “I don’t need to run or fight, I’ll just shoot.” This is as absurd as it is naive. While I don’t have any hard research today to back up my assumptions I think most would recognize the error of this kind of thinking.

Physical health is also a part of any tactical shooting plan. The odds of you standing in an open space and firing back at your attacker are slim. You will likely have to move to obtain tactical cover and the faster you can move and the better you are able to manage the cover you use the higher your odds of survival.

So I leave this thought with the American gun community, knowing that none of us are perfect in this effort, that we must take our physical training and health habits just as serious as our firearm training and handling habits.

What are your thoughts around physical health and self defense? How do you balance this?

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