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Denver Museum Of Nature and Science Removes Concealed Carry Ban

In early December 2015 the Denver Museum of Nature and Science decided to remove a prohibition against concealed firearms. Concealed carry permit holders visiting the museum have been pleasantly surprised to notice the big red “no gun” sign previously posted at all entrances has now been removed.

Prior to these recent policy change the Museum only allowed police officers and deputy sheriffs within their jurisdiction to carry within the museum. In addition the signs having been removed the policy has also been updated on the Museum’s website.

A spokesperson from the Museum said the policy became under consideration shortly after the November 2015 Paris attacks and the shooting in California in early December reinforced their decision to remove the ban in the effort to help make guests safer.

The Museum isn’t the only Denver venue to now allow firearms. The Denver Zoo also allows legally concealed firearms. With any luck, maybe the Aquarium will follow the Museum’s example in allowing legal and trained citizens to defend themselves when visiting.


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One Response to Denver Museum Of Nature and Science Removes Concealed Carry Ban

  1. Blazedog December 29, 2015 at 3:59 pm #

    I support the Museum and the Zoo’s decision to lift the ban on concealed carry permit firearms. Almost all of the mass shootings have occurred in “Gun Free” zones. Most terrorists and criminals purposely target such places because they know no one will be able to fight back.

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