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New Life Church In Colorado Springs Forms Formal Security Team

Over the years Colorado churches have, for the most part, been proactive at looking out for the security of the patrons by forming teams of volunteer security officers.

How seriously the church takes the assignment often varies. Recently the New Life Church in Colorado Springs has taken it to the next level. The new security team consists of over 20 trained individuals that include active and retired law enforcement and military.

The New Life Church learned from experience about the potential risks in 2007 when a man entered the congregation with thousands of rounds of ammunition and multiple firearms intent on killing. Having already killed people at other churches that same day Murray came in expecting another easy target.

He was shot and killed by a volunteer security guard.

Our team’s research has found 83 incidents of shootings at US churches in the last decade. A recent training I attended states that about 4% of active shooter situations in this country take place in houses of worship.

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