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Aurora Man Injured as Bullet Comes Through His Car’s Sun Roof

Concealed Carry Trainer Ryan McGonigal. Not the victim of the bullet, regardless of what 9 News said.

On New Year’s Eve, following New Year’s Celebrations, a local man was entering his car to head home, when suddenly a stray bullet fell through his car’s sunroof, injuring the man.

It is believed that the shot fired was from a person celebrating the new year by firing rounds from his gun straight into the air. Something that the popular television show “Mythbusters” proved could cause injury to someone, upon the bullet’s falling back to Earth. Such is the case in Aurora. Luckily the man is expected to make a full recovery.

In the days that followed, Denver’s NBC affiliate 9 News spoke of the incident. However, in their story, used an image of Ryan McGonigal with the belief that he was the victim. This was not the case, as Ryan made abundantly clear to us. So to set the record straight about the incident, we spoke with Ryan about the incident and he gave us his commentary.

Ryan stated, “If¬†someone ever has the idea in their head to go and shoot a gun in the air, they need to go get training from a professional organization like ours before they decide to even purchase a firearm.”

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