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Sedalia Man Shoots his Own Son After Confusing Him with Home Invader

This time, a story out of Sedalia goes to show the importance of showing some restraint, even in the heightened state of a believed home invasion.

Frank Leo Huner Jr. has become a man in a world he never thought possible after shooting and killing his son on July 1 in a horrific case of mistaken identity.

Frank Leo Huner Jr. was at home on the night of the 1st when he suddenly heard what he thought was someone breaking into his home. At that point, Huner Jr. grabbed his firearm and was ready to defend himself from whatever was on the other side of his door. Unfortunately for the Huner family, it was his son, Nicholas Huner.

As the 33-year-old Nicholas entered the home he was shot by his father, Frank. At that point, Frank immediately made a phone call to local police to report that there had been a shooting at his home. Only later did he admit to police that it was his son who was the victim.

Now after an investigation by local authorities, Frank has been charged with second-degree murder. At this point, the police are reporting that even with this charge it does not mean that they doubt the account of the story that Frank gave to police, but until further investigation can be made into the case, the charge is stuck on Frank Leo Huner Jr.

Shortly after he was taken to jail, Frank was released on a $50,000 bond. At this point in the story, there has been nobody able to reach Frank for comment and it is not known how far into the litigation process the case is, but as updates occur Concealed Carry Inc. will be sure to keep you updated to the best of our abilities.

What do you think of what happened in Sedalia? Do you think the charge of second-degree murder is justified? What would you have done were you in Frank’s situation? Do you think your concealed carry training would have assisted you? Let us know in the comments below.


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3 Responses to Sedalia Man Shoots his Own Son After Confusing Him with Home Invader

  1. Jason Fluss August 31, 2017 at 7:59 am #

    So for the record. Making statements before knowing the facts is terrible on your behalf. You are assisting on ruining someone’s life with false accusations. Nick had threated to KILL everyone in the family. He had previously burned their Winter Park house down to rubble. Nick was an intruder and Leo acted in self defense. Leo is a great man and cared about EVERYONE. Leo is by far the most honest person on this planet and would never intentionally hurt anyone. So AGAIN, please get your facts straight.

    • Jacob Paulsen August 31, 2017 at 8:02 am #

      Jason, please let us know what facts we reported that are false. We reported based on the local news reports and statements from law enforcement. If you can clarify what facts above are false we’ll happily make the correction.

  2. Angela H. November 21, 2017 at 9:41 am #

    God Bless the Frank Leo Huner family for this loss & tragedy. They deserve the right heal and move forward. May our legal system support them in ways the Sheriff’s office obviously hasn’t.
    Nick Huner had a lengthy criminal record and outstanding warrent for his arrest. He wad out on at least 2 other bonds for felony crimes. His father & mother had restraining orders against him for violently threating to kill them. And he had already burned down his father’s moutain house months earlier. God bless Nick but he was dangerous.

    And after reading about the handling of this case by the DA & Sheriff, I will never vote to put these big ego showman in elected public offices again.
    Especially in regards to ColoradoState Government Positions!!!- which the DA’ George has set himself for his next goal!
    Not all that shines is gold…….

    George B. an ex-Army JAG or not, is not protecting anyone’s gun rights by prosecuting this case. Matter of fact he is endangering them & the ability of people to defend themselves in their own homes.

    Jim Brandon, the former CO Sate Representative who helped give Colorado residents the right to be safe in their own home and shoot intruders who made them think/feel in danger would probably be saddened/disappointed in this case. I know I’m.

    God bless the Huner family, especially Frank Leo Huner. I’m sorry the system is so messed up and you just got unlucky to deal with a Sheriff’s Dept & DA that are on power trips. I would like to think wouldn’t happen in other Colorado Counties. I know it didn’t in a similar case that occurred this summer. No charges because it was self defense. The End! No BS.

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