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Colorado Springs Store Clerk FIRED for Defending Himself from Armed Robbers

Colorado Springs Shooting Firing

Imagine surviving a nightmarish armed robbery that ended with you catching a bullet, but due to a gun of your own, you were able to save your life and the store’s property on top of it. Now imagine that while you escaped with your life, there was one casualty of this experience, your job.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to¬†Lee¬†Satterthwaite, a clerk who was working the overnight shift at Western Convenience Store in Colorado Springs. At around 3:00 AM, while Satterthwaite was doing his nightly chores around the store, two armed men walked in and pointed their weapons at Satterthwaite, demanding the money in the store’s register.

Following the robbers’ entrance and demands, Satterthwaite, remaining calm actually first asked the criminals to stop pointing their guns at him as he went behind the counter to grab the money. The robbers didn’t listen to the demand, however, but to be fair, Satterthwaite wasn’t listening to the robbers’ demands either. He wasn’t reaching for the money behind the counter. He was reaching for his own firearm.

Quickly Satterthwaite drew his weapon at the two robbers, hoping to get the drop on them. Unfortunately, the robbers either saw the move coming or were quicker to react than Satterthwaite because as Lee pulled his gun and attempted to grab one of the robbers’ firearms, they fired at Lee hitting him in the arm and elbow.

However, following their fired shot the two robbers ran out of the store and into the night. As for Lee, he went to the hospital for his injury and was actually back to work later that morning.

However, his time at Western Convenience Store was short-lived, as two weeks after the robbery, Lee was notified that he was fired for bringing a gun into work and that the store was closing down the overnight shift altogether due to the incident.

Lee, as well as many Coloradans, were shocked by this news. Lee had defended himself by having his gun. He never even fired off a shot. He showed true bravery standing up to the robbers and even took a bullet for the company, but though he defended them it was apparent that he was not going to be defended himself.

So now with two parents to take care of as well as his own medical bills, Lee Satterthwaite is out of a job because of his company’s policy, but there are still no regrets from the man who told reporters of the incident …

“I didn’t choose that robbery time, I didn’t choose that location of being at work where I am not supposed to carry my gun. But, if I hadn’t had it, I very well may have died.”

What do you think of this story? Do you think this situation could have been handled without a gun from Lee? Do you think the store is in the wrong for letting him go? Do you think it’s ever wise to draw a firearm when there’s already one pointed at you? Let us know in the comments below.

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