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Longmont Man Attempts to Defend Home, but His Recklessness May See Him in Jail

Longmont Shooting

The town of Longmont was awoken by the sound of gunfire Sunday night as a homeowner/father was involved in a shooting against someone who was allegedly standing outside his daughter’s window. But it might be the father himself who is seeing jail time for the incident.

The shooting occurred late Sunday night and saw the homeowner, whose name is not yet being released by authorities, confront a man who was standing outside of his daughter’s bedroom window.

Currently, information is hard to come by as the investigation is still ongoing, but according to eyewitness accounts, the homeowner armed himself with a handgun and confronted the man outside the bedroom window.

The confrontation was short, though, as the man outside quickly ran away when the homeowner came out to meet him, however, that did not stop the angered father from firing off several rounds in the direction of the escaping man.

It was with this action that the homeowner may have gotten himself into serious trouble. According to police, the man may be charged with reckless endangerment for his actions.

Now, Colorado is a “Make My Day” law state, meaning that you have the right to defend yourself in your home if you feel endangered or your life threatened. In this case, though, the suspected peeping tom did not have a weapon on his person and retreated when confronted. On top of that, the “Make My Day” law does not apply when outside of your home itself, making this a case of the homeowner being in even more hot water because of his actions.

And if that’s not enough, he has made himself an enemy of the neighborhood that he lives in. A mother of 7 and a neighbor of the homeowner stated that…

“My kids could have been hurt. My whole family could have been hurt. Even if it’s in self-defense, you’ve got to think where that bullet could go because you could hit any number of my kids,” 

So all in all, while the homeowner felt he was rightfully defending his daughter and his home, it seems he has gotten rolled up into a legal battle that was avoidable provided he kept a cool head in the situation.

At this point, the investigation is still ongoing so we will not know for a while yet whether or not this man will end up going to jail for his actions.

But what do you think should happen? Do you think this was a negligent discharge of a firearm or do you think this father was doing his best to protect his family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 Responses to Longmont Man Attempts to Defend Home, but His Recklessness May See Him in Jail

  1. Larry Rickman June 2, 2018 at 9:50 pm #

    Never shoot at a fleeing suspect. Kill them where they stand on your property. Bring two guns one for you and one unregistered for them in case they don’t have one. Dead men tell no tales.

  2. Matt Benore June 4, 2018 at 9:45 pm #

    As a father myself, I certainly understand the “Protect my Family” mentality. In this case, I would guess the father has had no training, probably just decided to purchase a gun for home defense (which everyone should do) but has had no training or thought this threw. One of the 4 rules, ‘know what is behind your target, or in this case in front” eluded this man.

    IF he had any type of professional training, he would not only understand the first 4 rules of owning a handgun but also at least a basic understanding of the law. Once the “peeping tom” ran away, he should of just called the cops. Then perhaps talked to his neighbors to warn them.

    This man, just gave fuel to the “gun grabbers”. Owning a firearm has great responsibility and if we are not careful, will have great consequences if we do not train and at least get the basics of the laws where you consider home.

    This man should be prosecuted in my opinion. He is currently a danger to not only his family but others around him as well.

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