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Colo. Sprgs. Homeowner Shoots Burglar Who Attacked Him

Westminster Colorado Shooting

Colorado Springs CO. A homeowner reportedly shot an intruder in home defense after the intruder broke in the back door.

On Saturday night at approximately 8:20 police received a 911 call from a woman who said she had observed a person she thought at first to be her husband, lurking around the exterior of her home.

When she realized she didn’t recognize the 20-something-year-old white male, she fled up stairs to call the police and alerted her husband who retrieved a shotgun and went to confront the man.

Dispatch recording of the incident stated:

“Husband’s threatening to fire a warning shot at the suspect. RP (reporting party) and the mother are upstairs at this time.”

According to the husband, the man gained entry to the home and began to attack the homeowner who fired his gun in self-defense. Despite the gunshot wound, the man was still trying to fight the home owner when police arrived.

According to the victims, the suspect was only able to be cuffed after the officers used a TASER. Police did not comment but dispatch recording stated:

“Taser deployed. Suspect is actively resisting.”

Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson confirmed there was one individual who had been shot when they arrived.

Lt. Howard Black, who responded to the call, said:

“It appears as though the homeowner was protecting his residence and family members when this incident occurred at the house.”

But declined to say more.

In a Tweet Sunday morning, Police again confirmed the suspect had died of his injuries but that the incident was being treated as an active homicide investigation.

Even after being wounded by a shotgun, the suspect was still able to fight both the homeowner, and the police, until a TASER was deployed.

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