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NRA App for iTunes Just Released

  It’s not long ago that I jumped from the land of Microsoft and into the world of Macs. My desktop here at work is now a Mac and my BlackBerry has turned into an iPhone. Like most of those who’ve made a similar journey, I soon found myself researching and downloading the latest apps. […]

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Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia Removes Gun Ban

Guns on campus are a sensitive issue in Virginia after the 2008 Virginia Tech incident. Now a private Christian University has removed a ban that previously banned all firearms from campus property. The new policy allows visitors, students, faculty, and staff with valid concealed weapons permits to store weapons in locked cars. Students can also […]

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NRAU: NRA Program for Local Universities

The NRA has announced a special program designed to help educate college level students about gun rights, current legislation, and the gun control debate. I for one am very excited about this program. No matter what side of the issue people stand on, we can all use more EDUCATION. Granted you could expect this 2 […]

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Colorado Plan for Public Lands will Affect Public Target Shooting

The following article was originally published here. I have re-published it here for your convenience and review. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a resource management plan (RMP) for 500,000 acres managed by the agency’s Colorado River Valley Field Office located in Silt and within the counties of Eagle, Garfield, Pitkin, Roult, Mesa, and […]

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