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Colorado Doesn’t Require Live Fire for CCW Classes

You might be wondering why most of our classes don’t include live range fire. First, know that the state of Colorado doesn’t require range fire to obtain a concealed weapon permit. Colorado requires that students take a “firearm course” from a certified instructor. The class curriculum is left up to those individual instructors to determine.

But Shouldn’t People Be Required to Handle A Gun Before They Carry it Concealed?

There are many states in this country that do require their citizens to fire a gun in a class to prove proficiency but currently Colorado isn’t one of them. Here at, our network of instructors each decide for themselves what to include in their curriculum. We believe that training and practice are lifetime pursuits of firearm ownership and we encourage all our students to be committed to that ongoing education. We also believe that students should have the option to select a class based on their own needs and availability. If you are a novice with handguns and feel that you would do better with some hands on training then we suggest that you seek out a class that includes live fire here in our own class schedule or from a different instructor group.

Then, For Whom Is the Shorter Class Format Intended?

The benefit of our shorter class format is that students can generally find a week night or Saturday morning in their schedule to devote to a class without any serious planning or disruptions to their work schedule. We also have a lot of students who are sooooo novice that they don’t want to commit to a hands on class until they have first heard more about gun safety, mechanics, and legal ramifications. Finally, we find that most of our students have a basic level of handgun proficiency and are looking for a simpler and more cost effective way to get their concealed weapon permit.