Our CCW Class Location in Brighton / Reunion Colorado

Reunion is a small neighborhood north of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and south of Brighton and Barr Lake State Park. Often thought of or considered a part of Brighton Colorado, we title this location our Brighton location despite being part of Reunion, Colorado. Our instructor, Jon Feltwell, is a resident of Reunion and teaches classes in his home  near the intersection of 104th Avenue and Landmark Drive. The address is not available here on the site but it is emailed to students when they register for class.

Reunion is a neighboring community to Brighton, Henderson, Fort Lupton, Green Valley Ranch, Commerce City, and Thornton. Many of our students who attend our Brighton classes are residents of those neighborhoods even though our classes qualify students to apply for a permit inside of any Colorado county.

If you are a resident of any of these areas you may find our Brighton classes to be most convenient. Check the schedule on the right to find an upcoming course in Reunion / Brighton. If nothing looks convenient you can also find a group of people and host a class in your own home.

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