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Colorado Residents May Apply for Utah Permits

The Utah concealed weapon permit is among the most popular in the nation. 58% of people who apply for the Utah permit do not live in Utah. It is popular for three core reasons. First, Utah’s permit is widely recognized. Currently 35 states honor the permit. Second, Utah issues permits to non-residents. Third, applicants can apply via the mail for the low fee of $51.

Colorado residents must have a Colorado Concealed Weapon permit prior to applying for the Utah permit. However, the documentation from the Utah class is valid for 1 year. If you are waiting for your Colorado permit to be processed you can still take the Utah class now. Utah’s permit is honored by five states that currently do not honor the Colorado permit. If you travel consistently to one or more of these 5 states you may wish to apply for your Utah permit.

Those states whom have reciprocity with Utah and NOT Colorado are:

  1. Washington
  2. Minnesota
  3. Ohio
  4. Virginia

Even if you have your Colorado permit, an additional class is necessary to meet the requirements to apply for the Utah Permit. Contact us to inquire about our next Utah class.