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ATF Investigating Gun Robbery at Colorado Springs’ “Dragonman” Gun Store

Colorado Springs Gun Theft

Those of you who are consistent readers of the Colorado state site of are aware of the recent story we reported on regarding a member of a gun store robbery team who was arrested after posting pictures of themselves with the stolen firearms in question on Facebook.

Thankfully, that thief was captured for their role in the robbery. However, just as one problematic thief goes down, it seems more have popped up. This time, 4 thieves in Colorado Springs at the Dragonman Gun Store.

On Monday around Midnight, the ATF announced that a break-in occurred at Dragonman and that there were several dozen firearms including full automatics that were stolen from the premises.

In the few days since the robbery, the ATF is saying that thanks to security camera footage of the incident, there have been several arrests made in connection with the robbery, but as of the writing of this article, there are still suspects who are at large.

The Colorado division of the ATF, who has taken over the investigation from the local police have stated that calls with any information are welcome to still go through the local Colorado Springs Police.

As for Dragonman itself, Mel “Dragon Man” Bernstein, the owner of the store had a message for the remaining criminals on the run as well as any who may believe that his store is a pushover following the incident.

“There’s a lot of idiots out there,” Bernstein said. “I’m the most armed man in America. I have over 200 machine guns in my name. If I had been there they would have gotten shot in the head.”

So what do you think of this story? Have any of you been shopping at Dragon Man? Let us know your thoughts on this as well as any of your best wishes towards Mel in the comments below.

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