Non Colorado Residents Resources

Currently Colorado only issues concealed carry permits to state residents. That doesn’t mean you are out of luck. Read on…

Where else can I get a permit that will allow me to carry a firearm concealed in Colorado?

Colorado currently honors permits from many states in the USA. What you need to know is that Colorado ONLY honors concealed carry permits from the states below when you are a resident of the state from which the permit was issued. So, if you are a resident of a state listed below you can apply for a permit in that state and carry a concealed weapon here in Colorado.

Click here to see the up to date list.

Are you a Utah Resident?

If so this is your lucky day. As it were, we are also certified instructors for the state of Utah. You don’t need to drive back to Utah in order to apply. Just come take the Utah class from us and mail in your application. You don’t even have to apply in person. Call 303-536-3384 for more details.