A while back a few of us got together and discussed taking a concealed carry class. I found Jacob’s website on the internet, along with many other sites. I was a little skeptical at first since there are so many bogus sites on the internet and you never know who you are dealing with. I first contacted Jacob through his site and later by phone. I was impressed! After a few discussions both via E-mail and on the phone I felt very comfortable inviting Jacob into one of our homes. We booked a private class for the four of us at our location. The class presented by Jacob was done very professionally. Two of us are very experienced in handgun use(two had almost no experience) so we were going into the class thinking that we had nothing to learn. How wrong we were. It seems that a large portion of the class was spent in discussion related to the topics at hand. Jacob has a vast amount of relevant experience and is eager to share what he has learned as well as listen in a respectful nature. And he has a great sense of humor. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone interested in taking a concealed carry class. After the class, we were all commenting on how fortunate we were to have had the private class. There was the required lecturing but also an enormous amount of individual discussion which would not be possible in a larger setting. We all left with all of our questions answered. I would welcome Jacob back into my house anytime.

Dr Bill K

The decision to apply for your CCW and the process to complete the requirements should be a careful decision. Jacob is a great resource for both the training and some of the personal decisions you might face. He put on an interesting, knowledgeable, well prepared and delivered class. From the point of his introduction you are presented nothing but confident quality. For someone to speak so smoothly while instructing any class speaks volumes as to their ownership of the material. Great class, great instructor and I would encourage anyone to take this class regardless of age or gender. I would not hesitate to take any class from him. Highly recommended as well!

Searching for a course to prepare you for a concealed weapons permit? Or, just trying to learn more about handguns and firearm safety? Look no further. Colorado Firearm Training and Jacob in particular provide a cost effective, brief, but extremely informative class. I wasn’t sure what to expect when finding his site online as he provides an offering unlike many others in the area (less expensive, shorter, etc.). His style, knowledge and approach combine to make this the best general purpose firearms course I’ve ever taken, however. To top it off, I registered on 24-hour notice and he was able to fit me in. Highly recommended!

Jacob did any awesome job in this class. I was a tad bit worried about taking the class at “some guys house ” but it was very professional and informative. He answered all questions people had and didn’t make them feel stupid. I highly recommend him.

Jacob is both very knowledgable as well as personable. He was able to convey the differences, and importance of knowing of such, between the laws and his personal opinions. Throughout the class he was able to add comments from his personal experiences to help clarify the often confusing and vague definitions some of the laws provide. The class was very well put together and professionally delivered. I would highly recommend it to others.

Jacob and his setup for teaching CCW in the state of Colorado is amazing. A true class act. He takes out all of the BS, the silliness, and the mundane that is present in so many other CCW classes, and instead makes it into a 2.5 power-hour of the truly important stuff for CCW carry in CO. I would recommend this class over anybody else; not only for the time, but for the ease at which Jacob teaches; his personality, and the vast depth of his knowledge. 5+ stars.

Jacob is very professional and responsible. I highly recommend Jacob’s class. Jacob makes the CCW process understandable and exciting. Thank you very much Jacob !!

Jacob is very thorough and informative. I had no idea what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised with the material. It was very easy to schedule also. Getting a CCW Permit could not be easier with Jacob’s help. I will send all my friends his way.

An informative, enjoyable, thorough class in a relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended! Thanks, Jacob!

Jacob is a great guy, time just flew by. He kept the class interesting and encouraged all questions. Nice small class, only 6 in the class I was in. Definately learned alot, thanks Jake!!

This is a awsome class Jacob is a great instructor and it is a very personal and I left feeling confident in my knowledge and a whole new respect of the ccw permit

Jacob was very concise in his explanations of the law, but I really appreciated his stance on the moral responsibility that comes with using firearms for protection. Really put it into perspective for me.

Jacob is an EXCELLENT instructor! I myself know handguns, and have been shooting them all of my life. My wife who is a beginning shooter, who was a bit nervous about taking this class, but was able to be very relaxed and learned a great deal due to the knowledge and skills of the instructor. I would highly recommend anyone, regardless of experience to attend this class! It covers what you need to know in a relaxed atmosphere, in a fairly short amount of time. This instructor is top notch!

Just took a private class from instructor Bowman and it was Great! Very informative and professional I would and will recommend to all my friends and relatives!

This ia a well put together class for people that know guns and looking to get there CCW or a refresher course on gun safety. This class is to the point on gun safety and dos and dot’s of a CCW. The cost is very affordable in comparison to other classes of the same information. I personally like that you can get all the information needed in 3hrs and still enjoy your night or weekend.

My wife and I took Riley’s class a couple months ago and it was great! He is very knowledgeable about firearms, and the Colorado laws. He covers firearm safety and function and had an answer to every question that came up. I highly recommend this class and hope to see these guys put together some advanced shooting classes in the future.

Jacobs expertise, professionalism and ability to take high level material and break it down to any level is amazing.  Not having extensive knowledge of guns and Colorado regulations, Jacob made the class easy to understand with real life instances.  Fantastic experience overall.

This was a great class. Very informative and he was a great teacher (he was able to keep us all awake and listening even at 10 p.m.). Also very affordable compared to other CCW classes around.

Jacob, Is very knowledgeable about handguns. I learned a lot from taking his course Oct 20,2012. I never shot a handgun in my life and looking forward to shooting a 38 revolver a Smith & Wesson. Jacob and several students gave my husband and I places where we can try different guns out before we purchase one. We are new to the state of Colorado and all this information is so wonderful. I would like to Thank everyone in the class for the helpful information and all the laughs!!! Had a great day Gob bless all. Namaste, Zeula ( Aka Debbie Lee Dickinson )

Really good class, lots of fantastic information. Highly recommend for anyone getting their CCW!

Jacob Paulsen teaches a very good and informative class. Jacob keeps the class very interesting. I learned a lot from his class, he is a very good instructor.

Jacob did a great job of educating us on the laws of Colorado concerning CCW. There were things that I did not know regarding where the gun can and can not be carried. I left the class understanding the laws.

I feel Jacob did a very good job of explaining legal use of deadly force, as well as explaining the need to make moral decisions about using deadly force. He did a great job of explaining firearm safety.

Jacob covered important facts several times ensuring you remembered them. All topics were covered in strong detail and I feel the class was very thorough and beneficial to me.

I really enjoyed the class and it was very informative. Our instructor kept our attention with his humor while still presenting the facts along with the rules and regulations. I would recommend this class to my friends, family, and associates. Job well done.

Jacob Paulsen was a great instructor. He clearly covered all of the aspects of carrying a concealed weapon, but spoke not just of laws and allowances, but from his heart, and the ethics of using deadly force. Thanks Jacob!

The class with Jacob was a complete success.  We had 20 friends and neighbors – some with tons of experience and many novices.  The way Jacob presented the class kept everyone interested.  It really helped me to feel more comfortable around firearms.  There were many comments about the way Jacob addressed the moral questions of gun ownership.  He has a unique way of making everything “real”.  This was the best class I can imagine for gun safety and law.  I would highly recommend Jacob for any kind of firearm training but he’s really great in the home setting!

I think that the class was a very informative and interesting. Jacob is very good at explaining and breaking down each section. He also shows a genuine caring about what he is teaching and that the people have a full understanding about what is taught. I personally found his style to be thought provoking. I signe up and went to the class believing I wanted a CCW for one reason and actually left knowing that I want it for a different and better reason. I would definitely recommend thus class to friends, family, coworkers, or anyone. Perhaps not just to get qualified for a CCW but just as a good basic knowledge of firearms course. Good job Jacob, keep up the good teaching.

Jacob Paulsen offers a quality concealed carry presentation containing a solid mix of opinions, facts, stats, laws and humor that is on target and kept the presentation interesting. I highly recommend Jacob as your choice for a CCW instructor.

Jacob has a great grasp of handgun ownership responsibilities, not just the rights to carry.  He has an easy manner of teaching that conveys his message while providing some thinking on important issues to the class.

Riley did a great job at answering everyone’s questions. He also was good at keeping everything light hearted, but at the same time being professional. He kept everything interesting!

Riley possessed excellent knowledge and lots of enthusiasm.  His presentation techniques fit the bill. I feel I came away from the class with much more than merely a certificate. Thank you Riley!

Jacob did a great job and I would recommend anyone to him for a CC Class.

Mr Bowman did an outstanding job. Interactive and use of props was excellent. I will be recommending my friends and family to his class.

He was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and presented the course without losing the interest of the class.

Riley was well informed and kept the training interesting with personal anecdotes.

Riley Bowman was a great instructor. He really knows his stuff, gives straight answers, and takes pride in his teaching. He covered many important topics that will help responsible gun owners be even more responsible when open or conceal carrying.

I had the Colorado CCW Class today with Jon. Jon was professional, informative, covered allot of material within time frame), answered all questions (based on the law, his experience, his recommendations, etc. ) with confidence! And, he taught the class with a style & presented it in a manner easy to comprehend.
Would recommend it to any one.

Thanks again and Be Safe…

Riley has a very good presentation technique that keeps everyone’s attention and makes it easy to be comfortable and contribute to the course. Riley is a excellent instructor. I would consider additional courses in the future.

Jacob did a really good job presenting the information and making everyone feel comfortable when asking questions.

Jon was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting. Thank you, Jon.

I considered our instructor Riley Bowman to be very knowledgeable of the course and made all of us feel comfortable. He definately knows his hand gun laws and seems to be a very proactive concealed weapons advocate. Great class!!!!!!!!!!!

Instructor Jon Feltwell was a very good teacher and covered everything in an enjoyable and easy to understand format.  An excellent instructor.

Thanks for your superb instruction Mon night 3/4  in Fort Collins, which I found to be appropriately concise, well-articulated, and exceedingly effective for the time we had together.

Riley is a thorough but personal instructor who took the time to answer questions that to seasoned gun users might find common knowledge but not for novices like myself and that is the type of instructor needed!

Riley was Great in the class and kept everyone awake and waiting for more. The information was spot on. I have been a Gunsmith and dealt with firearms for along time and deal with a lot of folks that shoud take this class just for there own saftey and that of others. Not just for CCW. I do recommend this class to anyone that uses Firearms for any reason to understand the laws and safety.

Riley is high caliber, top-shelf, super instructor!  He brought up current events, mixed in lots of life experience, and made everyone welcome.  He speaks with integrity, and was always aware of gun safety.  You honestly couldn’t tell that the airsoft demos weren’t actual firearms.  There wasn’t a single time that he forgot any of the basic gun safety rules.  Excellent example of true gun safety.  He is an amazing person and made his class a truly incredible place to be.  I would recommend this class to everyone.  I have decades of experience with firearms and I would take it again.  If you are new to firearms he’ll make you feel right at home.  He is extremely talented at teaching and has a gift to engage a roomfull of people.  He has inspired me to research what is required to be an instructor so I can make a difference in my community.  Above all I wanted to say: Thank you Riley. I was confident going into this class, and you just supported my decision. On behalf of me, my family and my community, thank you.  We are all safer thanks to your course and your gift.

Jacob made the class enjoyable.  He is an excellent presenter and made the time fly by.  He was not dry at all and brought to life the information he was presenting on.  I learned a lot. I would recommend this class for anyone at any skill level.

Jacob did a great job in explaining all the information needed to safely carry a weapon.  The class was very informative, yet only took 3 hours.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone that does not want to sit in class for eight hours, yet wants to gain the knowledge needed.

Jacob is a great instructor he covered all topics very thoroughly. I do feel that I am making the right choice in getting my CCW. He invites you to call, email, etc in the future with any questions, etc. as well as sends new letters regarding gun issues.  Thank you Jacob I  definitely will recommend this course to friends and family.


  1. juan on September 9, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Just took a private class from instructor Bowman and it was Great! Very informative and professional I would and will recommend to all my friends and relatives!

  2. Heather on November 9, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Great class and I loved having Jacob as an instructor. He used modern references to keep the class interesting and informative. Definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to get the CCW permit or if you just want to know about hand guns and safety.