Attacker Arrested After Being Shot By Victim

Tanner Hall. Photo: Summit County Sheriff’s Office

Summit County, Colorado — A man has been arrested in Summit County after assaulting another man, then being shot by the victim.

According to Summit County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to a Dillon Valley condominium on Saturday at around 8:30 p.m. to a report of gunfire. When they arrived, they found several intoxicated people and were told a fight had broken out after derogatory comments were slung at each other.

The group said 29-year-old Tanner Hall had begun assaulting Maxwell Blank. Hall was pulled off of Blank by the others in the home, giving Blank the chance to escape to a bedroom.

Once in the room, Blank armed himself with a handgun, then tried to keep Hall out. But Hall forced his way into the room and a fight for the weapon broke out between them. Blank fired at least two rounds injuring Hall.

Hall then fled the residence before officers arrived. Deputies tracked Hall down at around 3 a.m. at his own residence.

He was then taken to Saint Anthony’s Summit Medical Center to be treated for his gunshot wound and faces charges of first-degree burglary, third-degree assault, menacing, bias-motivated crime, criminal mischief, violation of bond conditions and violation of protection order.

According to Summit County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson, Erin Opsahl, Hall was charged with a biased motivated crime because,

“Explicit statements biased towards a sexual orientation and sexual identification were made by the suspect.”

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