Colorado Home Owner Charged For Shooting His Robber

Police tapeRecently in Colorado there was an instance in which a Colorado homeowner in Littleton shot and ultimately killed his robber. The homeowner had been tied up in his own home. When the intruder left the homeowner broke free of his bands and gave chase, allegedly firing his gun at the fleeing intruder’s vehicle.

Many people may have questions about how this homeowner could face charges for his actions and that is the topic of our blog post today. You can get the full news story here.

The key to understanding this situation is in knowing that Colorado law doesn’t allow that one can use deadly force or the threat of deadly force to protect property. Had the homeowner retrieved the firearm and fired on the intruder while still in the home it would likely have been considered within the confines of the law since at that point the intruder still posed a threat to the homeowner. Once the intruder left and was clearly leaving the home there was no longer an immediate threat to any person. That is why the local DA office may feel justified in charging the homeowner.

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