Colorado: Sheriffs Take a Stance on Hi-Cap Mags

Colorado Consitutional Carry

30 Colorado county sheriffs assembled in the presence of the Colorado Supreme Court to argue against the ban of magazines with a capacity greater than 15 rounds.

The ban, which went into effect in 2013 by then Governor John Hickenlooper, is cited as the primary cause for Magpul picking up and leaving Colorado in protest. Magpul, which is the exclusive producer for all US Marine Corps standard issue magazines, transferred their business to Austin, Texas.

The ban was one of three gun bills signed into law in response to the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting, which killed 12 and wounded 58 on July, 20, 2012.

Colorado and other gun rights activist groups filed a lawsuit in 2016 against the ban, but lost the fight when the Colorado Court of Appeals and District Court ruled the ban constitutional.

According to the Denver Post, the sheriffs in attendance argued that the ban gets in the way of honest citizens defending themselves.

Even though law enforcement agents are exempt from the ban, the collection of sheriffs argued before the Colorado Supreme Court that civilians need the same abilities to defend themselves as their deputies.

In a brief presented before the Supreme Court by the thirty county sheriffs, the Colorado Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, and the Independence Institute, it was stated that it is the belief of the law enforcement officials that civilians do, and should, imitate the police in how they defend themselves.

And that with the threat of multiple attackers, is more difficult to survive with a limited ammunition capacity.

“Citizens do and should copy sheriffs’ firearm and magazine selections so they will have reliable, sturdy arms for defense of self and others. These arms will be powerful enough for defense against violent criminals, and these arms will be appropriate for use in civil society, because sheriffs’ arms are not mass-killing military arms. Instead, sheriffs’ arms are best for defense of self and others, including against multiple attackers.”

The sheriffs additionally contended that banned magazines capable of holding 20 or 30 rounds should be considered standard, since they are normally included in the sale of the firearms intended for defense.

The leaders of Colorado law enforcement came to the table not just with an argument, but with a plan. Instead, the sheriffs said in the brief, the State of Colorado could require a person to be in possession of a state issued CCW permit in order to be allowed to purchase high capacity magazines.

No date has been set by the Colorado Supreme Court for arguments to be heard in the case.

Notably, Denver, Boulder, and Arapahoe County sheriffs were not in attendance to show support for the stance advocated by their colleagues.

The following sheriffs were in attendance:

Adams County Sheriff Richard Reigenborn

Archuleta County, Sheriff Rick Valdez

Baca County, Sheriff Aaron Shiplett

Conejos County, Sheriff Garth Crowther

Costilla County, Sheriff Danny Sanchez

Custer County, Sheriff Shannon Byerly

Douglas County, Sheriff Tony Spurlock

Dolores County, Sheriff Don Wilson

Eagle County, Sheriff James Van Beek

Elbert County, Sheriff Tim Norton

El Paso County, Sheriff Bill Elder

Fremont County, Sheriff Allen Cooper

Grand County, Sheriff Brent Schroetlin

Jefferson County, Sheriff Jeff Shrader

Kiowa County, Sheriff Casey Sheridan

Larimer County, Sheriff Justin Smith

Logan County, Sheriff Brett Powell

Mesa County, Sheriff Matt Lewis

Moffat County, Sheriff KC Hume

Morgan County, Sheriff Dave Martin

Park County, Sheriff Tom McGraw

Phillips County, Sheriff Thomas Elliott

Prowers County, Sheriff Sam Zordell

Rio Blanco County, Sheriff Anthony Mazzola

Rio Grande County, Sheriff Don McDonald

Routt County, Sheriff Garrett Wiggins

Teller County, Sheriff Jason Mikesell

Washington County, Sheriff John Stivers

Weld County, Sheriff Steve Reams

Yuma County, Sheriff Todd Combs

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