Concealed Carry Options for Travelers to Virginia

On February 1st, 2016 a change in policy by the State of Virginia caused over 20 state permits that were previously recognized in Virginia to no longer be honored there. If you live in one of those states, or a state that has never had reciprocity with Virginia this article will outline your options.


Get a Virginia Non-Resident Permit

Virginia will issue a permit to any resident of the United States and as you might suspect, the Virginia permit is honored in Virginia. So, if you get the VA non-resident permit it would solve all your worries. You can apply via the mail but must submit proof of training along with the $100 application fee. Additional information about the application and training requirements can be found in this guide. Our online course qualifies for this permit.

Get a Utah Non-Resident Permit

The Utah permit is one of those lucky permits that will continue to be honored in Virginia and Utah does issue permits to non-residents. The Utah permit is less expensive at under $50 but it has a higher standard of training. You must take a Utah certified training course from a Utah certified instructor. Depending on where you live the training course could range in price up to $200.

Open Carry Options

An open carry option doesn’t fully help you if you want to concealed carry and don’t have a permit honored in Virginia but it is worth noting that Virginia does allow open carry. Be cautious about signs that prohibit firearms as they generally include open carry as well. Additional information about Virginia open carry law can be found on

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