Four Helpful Tips to Consider For Your Home Firearm Storage

I’m in the process of researching various brands and options of gun safes for my home. There is a lot to learn and I hate to admit that I don’t know a lot about the brands and different features etc. That having been said I do want to share some more tactical advise in regards to the way you store your firearms at home. These are some of the tips I share with my students in my Concealed Carry Classes.

Here are 4 Firearm Storage Tips!

  1. When it comes to locking mechanisms I’m a big fan of digital keypad or biometric (fingerprint) options. I just have this scary image in my head of waking up in the middle of the night and trying to turn the dial on a lock in the dark… or find and insert a key. I love digital keypad safes because of the simplicity of just punching in 4 numbers and having the door spring open. Biometric safes are even better but of course you will pay more for them.
  2. Secure your gun safe to the floor or wall. Don’t put yourself in a situation where someone can pick up and carry off your gun safe. When you buy something it will most likely come with the appropriate hardware and instructions.
  3. If you own several firearms you may want to utilize more than one storage system. I don’t think you can easily justify needing fast access to all your firearms (if you own 3+). You would probably be better off to store the vast majority of your firearms in as secure and out of site an environment as possible. Then, if you feel you need to have fast/emergency access to one or more, store them differently.
  4. Everyone has a unique home situation. The way I store my firearms in my home has changed over the years as I’ve gone from single to married to married with kids. Decide on a system that is appropriate for you and re-evaluate your system periodically as your lifestyle and situation change.

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