Why You Shouldn’t Keep the Gun On the Night Stand

In a recent class a student told me,

“My father taught me that when there is an intruder in the home seconds count and you won’t have time to get to the gun safe. You should sleep with the gun on your night stand for quick and easy access.”

safe on night standYour firearm storage plans in your home need to revolve around gun safes. When a firearm is properly stored in a gun safe it is secure against various dangers including burglars and little children. Quality gun safes also protect the contents from flood and fire. Many gun safes can be opened quickly and stored in places where one would feel they need emergency access to the firearm.

The key is to properly balance availability and safety. A small gun safe mounted to your nightstand or in the drawer of your night stand makes that firearm nearly as available as the gun sitting atop the nightstand but it also adds a significant layer of safety while reducing liability and risk.

How do you balance availability and safety?

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