Castle Rock Roofing Company Offering AR-15’s to Customers and New Employees


(Photo Courtesy of Weatherproof Roofing)

A few months ago in Castle Rock, Weatherproof Roofing started running an interesting promotion in which if you purchased a replacement roof and exterior repairs they would give you either an AR-15, a 9-mm pistol, a self-defense shotgun, or a $500 gift certificate. Of course, you must first pass a federal background check to receive the item, should you choose one of the firearms.

In the company’s disclaimer, Weatherproof strongly recommends the safe and responsible use of ALL firearms, that all firearm users take a firearms safety class, and that all firearms be kept securely out of the reach of unattended minors.

It’s been a few months since the incentive began and now, Weatherproof has taken the idea one step further, offering AR-15s as an incentive to attract new employees, due to the immense boom in business since the giveaway.

James Webb is the owner of Weatherproof Roofing and he is very excited about the recent boom in business, however with the boom comes another issue.

“We just don’t have the staff to keep up with it,” Webb said. “So now we’re giving it another shot with ‘get a job, get a gun.’ ” He added that he has four sales positions that he needs to fill immediately.

But there are some requirements that must be met before the new salesperson can collect his or her AR-15. They must first book 10 roofing jobs to qualify and, of course, pass a background check.

For more information about Weatherproof Roofing, or if you are interested in becoming an employee, visit Weatherproof Roofing’s Contact Page.

Do you think more businesses should offer a deal such as this? Which ones do you think could make the most out of an offer like this? Let us know below!

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