Colorado Homeowner Captures Intruder

Montrose, Colorado – A man living in Montrose, a small city near Grand Junction Colorado, defended himself and his wife from a home intruder just after Christmas.

According to Kenny Eastman, who lives and works at Mountain Top Retreat, said he and his wife had just returned to their mountain cabin on December 27th, when he found evidence someone uninvited had been around his home.

Being aware of his surroundings, he noticed footprints in the snow leading to a downstairs window.

Using resources to his advantage, Eastman let his dogs into the home first and they quickly located a threat. Eastman said the dogs led him right to an intruder trying to conceal himself in a bedroom of the home.

“I let the dogs out into the house, and they ran upstairs, and I figured if someone was in there, they would go find ‘em.”

When Eastman entered the room, he came face to face with man pointing a pistol at him.

“I peeked around the corner and that’s when I saw a guy, a young guy mid-twenties, early twenties, pointing a gun at me. I came into the room loud with my gun in front of me and told him to put the gun on the bed.”

The homeowner, a carrier of a legally concealed firearm, drew his own weapon and was able to make the intruder surrender without shots being fired.

“The gun in his face made him throw the gun on the bed without hesitation, which is good, because if he had hesitated, he probably would have been shot.”

Eastman went on to tell ABC KJCT8 the intruder then tried to escape back through the bathroom window he had entered the home through. Eastman pursued and recaptured the suspect outside in the snow and detained him until authorities could arrive.

Kenny Eastman, who is also a missionary, went on to tell ABC KJCT8:

“If he had knocked on my door, you know, he would’ve got a meal, and he would have gotten a bed to sleep in, and I would have put him in touch with the local sheriff, and let him work out his problems, but unfortunately that’s not how it worked out. But at least he didn’t get shot, and he didn’t shoot me. God stayed his finger and didn’t let him pull the trigger on me. Everything else I tried to keep in my control but there’s certain things you can’t.”

Montrose law enforcement officials have not yet released the identity of the suspect, but say he is likely responsible for breaking into multiple homes in the area.

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