Man Shot in Head, Then Arrested!

An incident in Colorado Springs, Colorado, shows that it isn’t only good guys who stop bad guys. In the early morning of April 30th, 2021, a man called the Colorado Springs Police Department. He notified them that some shot him in the head. A 2:00 AM Call to The Police Police responded to the 5000…

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Armed Robber Chose Wrong Victim

Colorado Springs, Colorado – One man is dead after targeting the wrong person to rob in a Carl’s Jr. drive through. The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), say one of their officers was sitting in their car waiting to get dinner at around 3:30 a.m. after working the graveyard shift on Thursday morning when they…

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Colorado Homeowner Captures Intruder

Montrose, Colorado – A man living in Montrose, a small city near Grand Junction Colorado, defended himself and his wife from a home intruder just after Christmas. According to Kenny Eastman, who lives and works at Mountain Top Retreat, said he and his wife had just returned to their mountain cabin on December 27th, when…

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Colorado: ‘No Guns Allowed’ Signs

Colorado Consitutional Carry

What do you do if you are about to enter a business and notice a sign that says something to the effect, “Guns Not Welcome Here?” Is your CCW no longer valid in that location? Can your Colorado Concealed Carry Permit be taken away if you don’t happen to see the sign? Does that sign…

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Hamburger Stand Owner Not Charged in Shooting of Intruder

Police have decided not to charge a restaurant owner in Antonito, Colorado, in the shooting death of an intruder on September first of this year. Around 5 a.m. in the morning, Felix Gallegos was alerted by the security system in his small restaurant named G6 Hamburgers Stand that an intruder had broken in. Gallegos instructed…

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Rural Colorado School Teachers To Start Carrying in the Classroom

Teacher with Gun

Weld County is the home to a new breed of school teacher. One that will be at the first line of defense, protecting our children from threats that have become all too common over the past few years. That’s because these teachers are at a three-day camp dedicated to training them how to properly handle their new right to carry in the classroom.

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